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Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing aids work extremely well when fitted and adjusted properly. If hearing aids are recommended after your hearing is tested, you will need a hearing aid fitting, which is an assessment of your needs and ends with follow-up visits after the customized programming of your device.

Hearing Test Results

The degree of your hearing loss will determine which styles may work best for you, with smaller models generally suited for milder hearing loss. Larger models of hearing aids will work for any degree of hearing loss, including severe or profound. The shape of your hearing loss may also determine the best model for you. For example, a mini-BTE with an open fit works very well for gently sloping losses that mainly affect the higher frequencies, while a BTE with an earmold is a good option for a steeply sloping loss.


When considering your hearing aid, it is important for the audiologist to get a picture of the lifestyle you desire. You may have gradually avoided certain environments and social situations as your hearing loss worsened. Now is the time to think about what you’d like to be able to do with the help of your new hearing aids! For example, if you spend your evenings talking to family and friends on the phone, you’ll want a hearing aid that works well with your phone.


Tips for hearing aid success:

  • Wear the hearing aids in your home first
  • Wear them a few hours the first day, then a few more hours every day after that
  • Practice locating the source of sound by listening only
  • Practice listening to audio books or talk radio
  • Take part in a hearing aid orientation class
  • Don’t be discouraged by background noise


Previous Experience

Finally, it’s important to consider any prior hearing aid experience when selecting a new hearing aid. Did you love your last set of hearing aids? Why? Did you like the style, the sound quality or something else? What did you have difficulty hearing with your old hearing aids? What new features would you like to try? This type of insight will help your audiologist determine what you will need in your new hearing instruments to maintain—or improve—your level of satisfaction.


Established in October of 2008, New River Valley Hearing, Inc. seeks to provide the best hearing healthcare possible and improve our patients’ quality of life. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service, quality reputable products, and the best trained audiological professionals. We are able to provide excellent customer service by holding the patient paramount in all respects. We offer professional and personalized services to patients ranging from infants to seniors. These services range from basic hearing tests to sophisticated computerized evaluations.



Joanne has clinical experience obtained over fifteen years in diagnostic evaluations for hearing and vestibular (balance) disorders, fitting and treatment of hearing loss, and hearing loss prevention and protection.

She has gained experience with every age patient in hospitals, ENT physician clinics, university clinics, audiology clinics, military air wing bases and aircraft carriers, assisted living and nursing homes.

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