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What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Whether you visit us in Radford or Floyd, VA, you will always be greeted by a friendly face. Our team wants you to feel comfortable and relaxed, so you can focus on what matters most, improving your hearing health.
  1. To begin your appointment, we will first have a conversation to get to know you better. We will ask you some questions and have you fill out an intake form that provides us with important medical and family information.

  2. After our conversation, we will look inside your ears at the eardrum and ear canal. We will look for impacted earwax, which we can remove in office, or for signs of an ear infection.

  3. Once we’ve determined your ears are clear, then the hearing test begins. The hearing test is easy and we will explain exactly what to expect. Assessing how well you can hear in quiet and noise will help us determine the exact degree of your hearing loss.

  4. After the hearing test, we will go over the results of your audiogram and give you a personalized demonstration of hearing aids. If you would like to try the hearing aids at home or in your own environments, we will let you take them home for a test drive.

  5. If you decide to move forward with hearing aids will expertly fit them to your unique ear shape and program them to meet your hearing prescription.