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Audiologist giving an elderly man a Balance Test

Balance and Dizziness

The team at New River Valley Hearing are experts in dizziness and balance disorders. The National Institute of Health (NIH) suggests that dizziness or loss of balance will affect 90 million Americans during their lifetime. Chronic dizziness, vertigo, or loss of balance can be debilitating and can negatively affect your quality of life.

Individuals of all ages can be affected by dizziness or balance disorders. But, as we age, the risk of falling increases and becomes much more serious. If you are having trouble feeling steady on your feet, you frequently experience bursts of dizziness, or you regularly feel nauseous due to a spinning sensation, you should have your balance evaluated.

Balance Testing

At New River Valley Hearing, we are affiliated with the American Institute of Balance. We provide comprehensive vestibular testing to determine if dizziness or balance issues are present due to vestibular pathology. We offer the following testing for balance disorders:

  • Electrocochleography (EcochG): Tests for Meniere’s disease.
  • Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP): Assists our specialists in determining if there is a dysfunction of the saccule or inferior vestibular nerve.
  • Videonystagmography Testing (VNG): Assists our specialists in determining if the patient’s dizziness is caused by inner ear dysfunction, BPPV, or central pathology.

When you visit us for balance testing, your appointment will be broken into four testing steps.

  1. Dynamic Visual Acuity Testing
  2. Auditory Brainstem Response Testing
  3. Postural Stability Testing
  4. Rotary Chair Testing

The purpose of these tests is to determine if a vestibular disorder is present and what the best treatment plan is. As audiologists, our team are experts in balance disorders and treatment. If you are experiencing dizziness, feelings of vertigo, or any other balance disorder, we can help you through diagnostic testing and effective treatment.

Contact our office today to schedule a balance evaluation and start feeling healthier!