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Musician in Radford, VA using hearing protection during his gig

Loud Noise Exposure

Good hearing is important for effective communication and healthy brain function. It’s important to be proactive about your hearing health by protecting your ears whenever you are exposed to loud sounds. In fact, loud noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in people of all ages, especially teens and young adults.

Sounds that exceed 85 decibels (the average sound level of city traffic) can be detrimental to hearing. Over time, sounds between 85 and 100 decibels can gradually damage hearing ability. While sounds over 100 decibels can cause hearing loss after a one time exposure (such as a gunshot or fireworks). When the ears are exposed to loud sounds, the hair cells within the inner ear, which are responsible for hearing, can become damaged. If this happens, the damage is irreversible and is known as noise-induced hearing loss.

It’s important to protect your hearing because if hearing loss does occur, it can affect your speech comprehension, social relationships, and cognitive function if not managed right away. Noise induced hearing loss can happen to anyone, even children and young adults. It’s important to protect your hearing now and for the future.

Custom Hearing Protection

At New River Valley Hearing & Balance, we can create custom fit earmolds and earplugs for optimal hearing protection. Any time you are exposed to sounds that exceed 85 decibels – such as live music, power tools, motorbikes, shotguns, or airfare – you should wear hearing protection. The earmolds and earplugs we create will be custom fit to your exact ear shape, providing exceptional sound quality and comfort.

We can create fit earplugs for the following:

  • Swimming
  • Sleeping
  • Live music
  • Motor sports
  • Power tools
  • General protection

Don’t let noise-induced hearing loss affect your quality of life! Be proactive about your hearing health by scheduling an appointment today.