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Hearing Aid batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids are powered by small batteries. We sell a large selection of hearing aid batteries in both our Radford and Floyd offices. The most common type of hearing aid batteries are zinc-air button disposable batteries. All manufacturers utilize the same color scale – blue, orange, yellow, and brown – to specify the battery’s size. We can help you find hearing aid batteries at the best prices and let you know where to recycle your old hearing aid batteries.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Batteries

Hearing aid batteries have an average lifespan of 3 to 22 days. The specific duration of your battery’s lifespan depends on the type of hearing aid you have, the type of battery, and how often the device is used.

You can maximize the lifespan of your hearing aid battery by following the tips below:

  • Store your hearing aid batteries at room temperature
  • Do not place them in the refrigerator
  • Wash your hands before handling the batteries
  • Leave the battery compartment open at night so moisture can escape
  • Remove dead batteries immediately
  • Avoid storing batteries in extreme temperatures, hot or cold
  • If you plan on not wearing your hearing aid for an extended period of time remove the batteries from your devices

In addition to these helpful tips, we also recommend always carrying an extra pair of batteries in case of an emergency.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

Many hearing aids now have rechargeable batteries. With rechargeable hearing aids you simply place them in their charging station at night and in the morning, you’ll have fully charged devices! Rechargeable hearing aids are a great option for those who don’t want to change batteries every few days or who have dexterity issues and have a hard time handling small batteries. If you are interested in a rechargeable hearing aid, contact us.