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Woman getting hearing aid fitted by audiologist at New River Valley Hearing in Radford, VA

Hearing Aid Fitting

At New River Valley Hearing, our hearing specialists are experts in the fitting and programming of hearing aids. Whether you are a new hearing aid wearer or you currently wear hearing devices, we can guarantee your aids are providing you with the exact right amount of amplification to hear in your preferred environments.

After you’ve had your hearing tested, the next step is to pick a hearing aid that matches your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. We carry a large selection of hearing aids from the leading manufacturers. This ensures you have a variety of devices to choose from and can find the best option for your unique needs. We understand it can be difficult to know which hearing aid will be best for you, that’s why our experts will recommend a couple devices that will help you hear better and be a comfortable fit for your lifestyle.

Once you’ve chosen which hearing aid you would like to move forward with, we will expertly fit the hearing aid to your ear shape so it sits comfortably yet securely in/on your ear.

Hearing Aid Programming

An integral part of the hearing aid fitting process is to ensure your devices are programmed to meet your expectations. Using the results of your audiogram – your hearing prescription – our team will expertly program the hearing aids to provide you with clarity in your listening environments. Hearing aids should be fine-tuned to your exact needs. They shouldn’t be too loud or too quiet. This is why it is important to visit an expert such as the team at New River Valley Hearing.

Even if you have hearing aids that you purchased somewhere else, we can service and reprogram them for you. Our audiologists can service hearing aids from any of the major manufacturers, so you can hear your best.