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Redux at New River Valley Hearing in Floyd, VA

Hearing Aid Restoration

To get the most out of your hearing aids, it’s important to take care of them. Although hearing aids are water resistant and can withstand everyday moisture such as sweat and rain, you should never wear your hearing aids while swimming or in the shower. Submerging hearing aids in water can result in significant damage to the internal components of the aids.

In the past, when hearing aids suffered from water damage, we would have to send them back to the manufacturer to be repaired. This would take time and leave you susceptible to not having your hearing aids when you really need them. But now, we offer a new technology to help restore your hearing aids from water or excessive moisture damage.

Redux Hearing Aid Dryer

New River Valley Hearing is proud to offer Redux, an ultra-efficient evaporations system that leaves hearing instruments sounding their best through complete and verified moisture removal. If your hearing aids have been submerged in water or if the humidity has affected their performance, we can use Redux to restore your devices.

Using Redux, we can dry your hearing aids in minutes, removing all moisture. You may think your instruments are fine, but 98% of hearing aids contain harmful moisture. Removing the “little” water present can make a huge difference in their performance. Redux is the only hearing aid dryer that can remove all moisture in under 8 minutes.

While it is still important to keep your hearing aids safe from water damage, you can be rest assured that we have the tools necessary to help you if your hearing aids do get wet. Whether your hearing aids have suffered from water damage or you just want to be proactive and keep your devices in great condition, schedule an appointment today for the Redux Hearing Aid Dryer.